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Hello, my name is Maclin, a 28-year-old Texas native from Wichita County. I am crazy about motorcycles, and I hope to share that craziness with people whom I believe we have a similar ordeal. My interaction with bikes goes back to my younger years while in junior high school. My dad was a biker, and I would occasionally accompany him to important biking events such as the Daytona Beach Bike Week, and that is how I came to slowly like motorcycles. I loved the noises they made, and out of curiosity it didn’t take me a long time to know how to ride a motorcycle. Bikes help to get the adrenaline flowing, and that is an aspect I find more fulfilling than taking the front seat of a car and sticking your hands to the steering wheel. With bikes, you have to focus more on control, balance, and many other maneuvers just to keep the wheels moving and in balance. Much of my time is spent around motorcycles. If I am not convincing a customer to buy a certain bike models at one of my motorcycles stores, then most likely I will be driving or repairing one. Besides, I do love racing competitions, and I have participated in several of them, most of which I have been performing favorably well.

My Motorcycle Advice

I will be addressing some of the most important things we would all want to know about motorcycles. For instance, many people to find it tough to make an informed decision on the right bike to buy, and this is because aspects such as performance and fuel economy may be confusing. I too went through the same problem – I would spend a lot of money on a given motorcycle, only to find it not living up to my expectations after some time. Since I went through that bad ordeal, I wouldn’t want anybody to experience the same. I will be advising on the things to consider anytime you want to motorcycle purchase – for instance, spare parts availability, repair cost, and so much more.

What About Motorcycle Maintenance?

If you have ever owned a car, then you must be aware that breakdowns are unavoidable, and for motorcycles, things can also get rough especially if you are not well-informed on how to properly take care of a bike. These are some of the things which I wish to share with the readers, and the good thing is that I have had a real-life interaction with many of the problems I will be touching on. Besides, the solutions I will be providing for the different bike problems will be reasonable enough, and with that approach, I hope to make my readers have an easy time whenever they are thinking about their motorcycles.

Motorcycle Model Reviews

Anytime I am planning to add a new bike to my already vast collection, I always insist on getting the technical specifications right. I mostly rely on online searches and magazines for robust product reviews on a product which I might have shown some interest. Product reviews on bikes are an easy way of understanding a given a motorcycle brand even better. Since manufacturers are ever coming up with new motorcycle models, it pays a lot if readers are extensively educated on their performance, specifications, and other vital aspects. I hope to provide the readers with detailed bike reviews, and with this approach, it’s my wish I can provide up-to-date information which can keep any motorcycle enthusiast happy.

My Own Dirt Bike

I have a Coolster QG-214 125cc Dirt Bike, which I try to ride at least once a week. This varies as work takes different amounts of time every week, but it’s so nice getting out in the dirt and taking a spin after a day of work, it kinda makes me relax. Anyway, I paid around $700 for it and I gotta say it’s SO worth the money. I have considered getting something for my son as well, he’s just getting into the age of being able to do this kind of stuff. There are many places that offers low cost electric dirt bikes for kids and I think it’s just a matter of time before I buy one for him. But you will be hearing a lot about my Coolster, my family claims it’s all I ever talk about, so, so will you!

Get Motorcycle News

I always ensure that I don’t miss out on any news concerning motorcycles, Cycleworld is a really good place to stay tuned. For instance, there are hundreds of motorcycle-related events that are held in the United States throughout the year. I use such events to keep up with any developments that are taking within this industry, and I will be looking forward to keeping the readers with such important information. For me, motorcycle events are an eye-opener for anybody who wishes to dive deep and explore the vast world of motorcycles. Personally, I am in love with the Daytona Bike Week bikes parade. The event draws huge crowds, and so many motorcycles make and models, some of which their existence can come as a surprise to you. I plan to keep the readers subscribed to fresh motorcycle news, and with that approach, it is my wish that the experience in the blog will just keep on getting better.


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