My Top 3 Dirt Bike Movies

If you are fascinated by the slightest sight of a beautiful motorcycle, then you should go ahead and own a nice collection of motorcycle-based movies. Though Hollywood is obsessed with car mantra, a fine and patient online search can lead to fascinating films that focus on speed, adrenaline, and action that relates to bikes. These are my top 3 dirt bike movies, read more about them further down. You can actually learn a lot by watching these movies!

Choppertown: The Sinners (2005)

The films take us to the biking culture of Southern California. It focuses on what it takes to build a bike with a group of friends. The film gives an honest look at Rico Fredy and his crew in their attempt to assemble a bike – what they do, how they do it, and the reason why they do a particular thing. How the crew reuses some parts to create functioning components is really innovative, and does give an important lesson on how to turn things that are seen as less useful into even more helpful items. I would recommend this film to anybody who might be interested in building bikes not for the money but just for the sake of enjoyment. The picture and voice quality is also wonderful, and the film has a time span that doesn’t make it boring to watch.

Closer to the Edge (2011)

The Isle of Man is a tiny island nation that is known for its exciting annual motorcycle race, and that is the location that is on focus in this film. The film follows two racers, Ian Hutchinson and Guy Martin, in their efforts to claim King of the Hill racing championship. For 104 minutes, the film shows the captivating race between the bikers over a dangerous course, and the things the guys do to increase their title winning chances is a must-watch for any biking enthusiast. The director did a wonderful task in focusing only on the important things that would interest the audience, especially ones having with interest in motorcycles.

Dust to Glory (2005)

Bikers sometimes love to take their love for motorcycles to the extremes, and this film does focus some of those extremes – riding on unforgiving terrains and weather conditions, the Dakar rally style. This documentary follows the Baja 1000 competition across a 650 miles Mexican desert. The film is spectacular since it goes deeper and exposes the adrenaline among riders when they are moving through harsh terrains, bad weather, and a series of spectators who lay multiple traps for the competition to gain a spectacular edge. The filming crew did a spectacular job to ensure that the film got to have an impressive quality it features – quality photography that makes the film audience to connect with the bikers.